Spiderbridge is a firm based in the Netherlands whose principals each have professional careers that have had them set up and conduct businesses around the globe, in first world as well as in third world countries. Spiderbridge’s principal activity is to support organisations in plugging gaps when it comes to management, deal support, corporate governance and compliance, allowing our clients to remain focussed on their core business. We operate as a spider in the web, bridging the needs and requirements that come into play during various stages in the lifecycle of your business on the one hand with practical and efficient solutions to meet the same on the other.


We assist you with enhancing your position from a commercial, legal and/or tax perspective without losing sight of regulatory demands and related compliance requirements. We help you to not only select but also, importantly, manage external advisors and service providers, and, if warranted, to build the internal house focused on meeting ever increasing regulatory pressures.


By making our knowhow and expertise available to you, we strive to enable you to conduct your operations or, upon occurrence, a transaction with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Equally important, we aim to (pre-)determine and manage costs related thereto without compromising on quality.


Because we prefer to align and broaden our skillpool base as much as possible, we also offer access to a flexible pool of qualified professionals, all of which recognized experts in their field with a relevant skill set and expertise, who provide support to you, to your company, to your business, and/or, if need be, to your stakeholders. We work with service agreements that promote a large degree of mutual engagement. This enables us to adequately offer you management support and to assist you with your operations, with transactions, with corporate governance and compliance, as well as with the identification of potential business partners or acquisition candidates, joint-venture set-ups, business opportunities and deals.


We offer our knowledge and experience when it comes to designing, structuring and managing organizations, projects and transactions. We do not stop at the drafting table but support you during the implementation phase and thereafter. We are keen to transfer managerial know-how and expertise, and mobilize others to do the same.

We are comfortable representing you and/or your organisation vis-à-vis third parties including financial institutions, governmental agencies and regulators, be it in the Netherlands or in other jurisdictions. We are focused on getting the job done and if requested or required by the situation, are happy to take the lead in negotiations thus allowing you to concentrate on other priorities.

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